Thursday, May 3, 2007

That cannot feel good

While the world was celebrating the birth of Girl #1 yesterday, some of the Spice Girls got together to celebrate the birth of one soccer star who was chiseled from a mix of God's peen sweat & one of those shirts that say "100% Beefcake"; David Beckham. This obviously less important occasion was marked by Geri Halliwell attempting to sacrifice her boobs in Beckham's honor, while Scary & Baby Spice looked on with glee:

And where was the happy couple? Making their entrance, looking painfully hottt, per usual:

I plan on celebrating my birthday next year by breaking into their new LA mansion and hiding under their bed, in hopes to hear them boning above me. Who am I kidding? Posh & Becks don't bone in bed! I'm sure they get all freaky on top of their plasma TV, which is most likely mounted to the wall therefore significantly increasing the level of difficulty. They wouldn't want it any other way.


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