Thursday, May 31, 2007

Possible Clang Alert

Under normal circumstances, I would say "Look everyone! Beyonce has a clang!" Then you would laugh & laugh and tell all of your friends what a wonderful blog this is. But I think you and I both know that we are dealing with something far more serious here. Within Beyonce's underwear lies the full shaft of an erect penis. Unless Beyonce has the largest clang known to man, it's probably safe to assume that Beyonce is a man, and from that one could reasonably deduce that Jay-Z is gay. Nothing wrong with that. Jay-Z picked one of the good ones. Beyonce is almost the most convincing tranny the world has ever seen, second only to this guy. Now dance, tranny. Dance!


jambone said...

straight up tranny. or someone call the guinness people cause she does have the world's biggest clang.

Anonymous said...

In addition to being a tranny, she dances like a mental patient.

Anonymous said...

That isn't a clang! That is her fat roll. I am well versed.


Anonymous said...

how can she be a man look how hot she is

Anonymous said...

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