Monday, May 7, 2007

Off Today: Lesbo Alert!

It is a sad day for me today, as I will most likely be unable to blog. My computer is a dickface, I must allow my coworkers to wine & dine me at an undisclosed location, and then I will be forced to actually complete some work. I'm sorry!!! I'll be back tomorrow, I promise! It's okay though, because we have plenty of links on the right that will fill all of your gossip needs. Plus, I could never have picked a better headline than The Sun did for Paris Hilton's impending trip to the clink than:

Paris In Jail Lesbo Alert
Star will have to share shower with butch lesbians

I mean, that pretty much sums it up, innit? I'm really quite upset by this sad turn of events today (not Paris going to jail, that rules!) as there is much going on in the celebrity world that I would like to make fun of. You can help avoid days like this by ADVERTISING ON THIS SITE! Email us at! We'll sell you space CHEAP! And you might even get a blowjob from The Gay out of it. And I won't save him from it, unlike Ari & Lloyd from Entourage. I would encourage the whoring out of our own. If you don't have anything to advertise, continue telling your friends about the site! Remind them that things like this rarely happen and that we post a lot of pictures of wang. Y'all seem to like that. Anyway, have a great Monday - and I'll be back tomorrow!

Girl #1


candini said...

this blog is starting to blow. where are my weekday updates? where is my blank or not a blank feature? what's with all these apologies? i'm disappointed. don't anger me in this fashion, girl#1... i know where you live.

actually i know where girl#2 lives too... so the threat is extended to you as well.

sarah said...

IN the GB video, was that guys drum sticks really on fire?

kamagra oral jelly said...

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