Friday, May 18, 2007

Not too rich to turn down a gift

When you are a pretty successful TV star like Eva Longoria and you are marrying a basketball player like Tony Parker, one could logically assume that you are rich. Unless you agreed to be paid in Cheez-Its (which wouldn't completely surprise me since you two also seem to be a bit lacking in the brains department) I'd wager a guess that you two are worth millions of dollars. So why, dear god why, have you registered for wedding gifts at Tiffany's? I know you can't really envision your life together without the assistance of a $1,500 Scalloped Bowl or 14 champagne flutes at $85 a pop, but can't you buy this shit yourself? I'm still anxiously awaiting my invite, but I assure you that I will get you a great gift. I see at the bottom of your registry you've asked for a week's worth of Girl #1's shit in a box. Well, ask and ye shall recieve. I'll be sure to douse it with some 3121 before I wrap it.


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