Friday, May 18, 2007

Move Toddler, get out the way

Diana Ross was questioned by British police yesterday for pushing a toddler. Dirty Diana was just trying to leave her hotel and some dumb baby got in her way. The father of this baby needs to cool out, it's not like she breakdance-kicked the kid in the face. And to answer the questions that some readers had about that tragic incident: Yes, the baby was probably Latino which is why the baby was kicked in the face. We all know how much breakdancers hate them Mexis. Second, of course that baby is ok. It's not like he/she got pushed by Diana Ross. Plus, Mexis have super human strength and I heard that it was the breakdancer's foot that suffered the most trauma. Mexi babies don't need their face, they only need their hands to work in the sweatshops. But a breakdancer needs his feet to LIVE. Don't worry, that baby will be back to work sewing together your Nike's in no time.

source via C&D

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