Monday, May 14, 2007

Mase slowly taps that transvestite ass

Some people used to say that rapper turned minister Mase rapped too slow. Now people are saying that his holy ass is a freak, because he apparently was involved in an accident in Hotlanta, and the passenger in his car was a tranny. Here is an audio clip from the woman whose car was struck by Mase. She describes the incident and also uses one of my all time favorite phrases "God don't like ugly". She's right Mase, and just so you know, god also is not a fan of transvestites. Or ice cream. Oh Mase, regardless of whether this is true or not, hopefully your church will banish you and you can slow rap for us all again. White people liked your type of jams because they were slow enough to understand, and didn't use those pesky N and H words. I liked you because you sounded mildly retarded, and them tards always make me smile.



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This is really interesting because I had never heard something really stupid to do something like that at least that's my perception.

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