Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Man of a Thousand Wangs

Recently rehabbed gay hot straight man Jonathan Rhys Meyers recently had this to say about Britney Spears:

"If I had a thousand d**ks I wouldn't stick one inside Britney Spears."

He failed to mention how many asses he would stick them in, but my guess would be a cool one-thousand asses. I think this is a pretty bold statement by Meyers. Who's to say what you would do if you really had a thousand wangs. First, where would they be located? All in the pelvic region? There's no way anyone could fit a thousand wangs there. They'd have to be spread out all over the body, and if that's the case, you may not have a choice where your thousands of wangs would be going. Edward Penishands didn't really have a choice now, did he? All I'm saying is, if I had a thousand wangs I'd be boning and peeing all over the place, and if Britney Spears somehow weaseled her ass up in the mix, well then I guess she'd get boned too. Let's think things through before we go running our mouth next time, Jonathan.


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