Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lookin' Good Lohan!

Like Lindsay Lohan I often find myself faced with the pesky problem of me short shorts falling down. Lohan offers up a solution: Denim suspenders strapped onto your shorts! I think there is more fabric in the suspenders than in the shorts themselves, but no matter, these sweet suspenders certainly get the job done while saying "ARRG MATEY! HOIST UP THE MAIN SAIL JUST LIKE ME PANTS!" Or maybe that's her red & white striped shirt that's talking like a pirate.

Sorry for the lack of posts this morning. I had to take my puppy Betty Bacon to the vet.

I'll try to do better for the remainder of the day, but there really isn't much to see today. Unless, of course, you count the Lohan dancing in her bra, then I guess there is this. But perhaps you'd rather just see another picture of my puppy?

Or perhaps you'd rather see pictures of my puppy as Lindsay Lohan?

Way to work hard for the money, little puppy! I told her the free ride was over, and I wasn't kidding. So yeah, if the celebrity world doesn't get its ass in gear today, expect many a'picture of my dog as various celebrities.


Adrienne said...

Congratulations on your puppy!! I have two boxers, and they are the coolest!! I just got my female puppy in Sept, and she is so sweet, little underbite and all!

mindy said...

Betty Bacon Lohan knows how to rock it!

Anne said...

Gasp! Betty Bacon is a SLUT!

Anonymous said...

not to be generic, but your puppy is the CUUUUUUUTEST! i want to marry him.