Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lauryn Hill would never do that.

This week I learned that Amy Winehouse is considered by many to be the "white Lauryn Hill." Sure, I've never heard any of her songs, but still, something tells me this comparison is weak... and I haven't heard anyone on the radio that sounds remotely close to Lauryn Hill.

This is another reason I don't agree.

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We all know it has been rumored in the past that Lauryn Hill hates whites. Maybe this explains it. Maybe if everyone wants Lauryn Hill to make a comeback, we shouldn't compare her to Toothless Elvira. And speaking of toothless, perhaps Amy wouldn't have a jacked up grill if she didn't shove her teeth directly into sugary treats. But then again, she is British, perhaps she figured it wouldn't make a difference anyway.

Or maybe she's just really gross and for that I say we owe Lauryn Hill an apology. This isn't the same thing as getting past that fat chick that sang for C&C Music Factory who was hidden behind the scenes and replaced in videos with a thin and popular girl who couldn't sing. Oh no, this is a much larger atrocity, no pun intended.
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To say she is anything like Lauryn Hill, even just vocally is just wrong.

I think this makes a much better comparison.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you...we cannot compare her to Lauryn Hill!Amy Winehouse is sooooooooo much better!

candini said...

this post would have been 10% better if you had found the video for c&c music factory and posted it. because i really want to hear the song now. and you know you do too.

Anonymous said...

This post would have been over 10% better if you had taken 30 seconds to listen to Amy Winehouse before you wrote it. However, if you had done that, you wouldn't have written anything at all, which would have been 100% better.