Tuesday, May 8, 2007


And here we fucking go again. Don't you people understand Tyra Banks yet? Now that you've exposed what's been hiding under those nasty scarves she's been wrapping around her head all season on ANTM expect to see an entire Tyra show dedicated to how this was just a bad picture of her head, and that her hair isn't really like that, a la this. Then she'll get on the cover of some hair magazine, which will be obviously photoshopped. I imagine it to look something like this:

And she'll be screaming, "YOU CALL THIS FAKE HAIR?!?" for the next 6 months. She's like the friendly neighborhood tard that thinks that the grass in your front yard is candy. Do you tell him that it's not and be forced to mow your own lawn? Hell-to-the-no you don't. You let that little mentally handicapped fool eat your grass all day long. Alls I'm saying is, for the peace & sanity of us all...let Tyra eat the grass, y'all.

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mindy said...

Um. You put Tyra's head on a white woman's body. This may even rival my photoshop abilities. Good work.