Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just like HUH-KNEE!

Scarlett Johannson tried singing at Coachella this past weekend. First, she found her favorite moo moo & cowboy hat and moseyed her ass on stage:

Then she stood there, looked awkward, and repeated the same line over and over again when her time came. She sang with an accent all of us nasally Michiganders would be proud of, but I don't understand where it came from, exactly...

I am enraged all over again that this twat is going to put out a Tom Waits cover album. May her moo moo suffocate her before that terrible tragedy occurs. At least one person found her performance at Coachella magical:


dirtydisher said...

"Twat".....LMAO! You love her as much as I do. Great blog!

Al said...

Girl #1, I hope you have a great birthday! I love your site, I check you every day. Keep up the good... er... work!