Friday, May 18, 2007

John Mayer & The Merman break up

God, it seems like it was only yesterday that young lovebirds John Mayer and Jessica Simpson were sharing an over sized martini glass of unidentified fried foods while posing for the camera. This relationship never confused me simply because they are both so highly intelligent, it seemed like a match made in heaven! Now they will be forced to brave the cold winter storm wearing nothing but short shorts and a flannel all alone, as the two have called it quits. Shocking, depressing, fishsticks, a cruel twist of fate - all of these words come to mind, but I promise you...if you keep reading this blog, everything will be alright. Axl, I know you feel their pain:

Also, just thought you would like to know that this guy didn't bone himself after all.


jambles said...

"don't cry" is the greatest song in the history of man. even though it says "don't cry" i am still moved to tears whenever i hear it. it is my jam. i think i am going to go and listen to it right now.

i love slash.

Jennifer said...

I keep reading that they have 'dirty' sex. What could this mean?