Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jessica Alba is a hot tard

Jessica Alba is either a tard, or has come up with a fabulous new diet. Don't eat anything. Don't drink anything. Not even water. If you are forced to drink water on a photoshoot, just let it dribble down your face. People will think it's sexy because you are Jessica Alba and you could take a crap and guys would rub one out to it. But I'm not convinced that she's not at least mildly retarded. Let's take a look at another photo of her in June's GQ magazine.

Okay. She's tarded. She's eating flowers. I know you dudes don't care because you can kinda see her boobs, and there's a space between them that you'd just love to put your wang in, but regardless of her hotness, a line must be drawn somewhere. And no, I don't mean drawing a line in her vagina with your penis. Fine. I can clearly see I will not be winning this argument. Just go here if you want to see some more pictures of the girl you want to bone, who just so happens to be mentally handicapped.

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