Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It feels like the first time

Britney Spears had her precious little comeback show in San Diego last night. Awww, look at the little Spears. It's as if her scantily clad self never *deep breath* got married to a douche, had two kids cut out of her, divorced the douche (but not before documenting every move they made and airing it on national tv), flashed her vagina thrice in a row, shaved her head, went to rehab, ate some fast food...the list goes on. But none of that matters anymore, because Britney laid in the tanning bed for a couple weeks, draped a couple of pieces of bedazzled fabric 'cross her boobies, put on some white boots and started lip syncing & gyrating for us all over again:

While I love the song Toxic, I was expecting...I don't know...something different maybe from Britney. I know if I got my ticket for $500 off ebay to see her pretend to sing for 16 minutes, I would at least want to see her head spin around or something. Britney is going about this all wrong. She really needs to run with the crazy like she has been. People are already expecting this:

So why not give them this instead:

I'm thinking Little Miss Sunshine meets MC Skat Kat a la Opposites Attract only with a monkey. I would pay $500 to see that.

More Pics of the Comeback show here


the gay said...

this has rejuvenated my love for celebrity gossip. I want my brit brit back.

Adrienne said...

When I watched this I was reminded of when I was 8 years old and a group of neighborhood girls would congregate in someone's backyard, spending hours making up dance routines to C&C Music Factory and Bel Biv Devoe.