Thursday, May 3, 2007

Is that me?

Apparently David Hasselhoff is a fan of the sauce. So much so, he forces his daughter to videotape him when he is drunk on the floor, shirtless & eating pizza. Something just seems fishy about this clip. It seems like the daughter is reading a script, but regardless of the authenticity of The Hoff's drunkeness...this clip RULES. It reminds me of how I spend each and every Tuesday evening from the hours of 5-7pm. Only I'm wearing a belly shirt that says "Who Farted?", instead of pizza I'm eating from the dog bowl, and I usually end up crying myself to sleep. So, at least he's not doing that? My love for The Hoff is renewed.



Anne said...

That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Not so much he's drunk and getting lectured by his kid, but the CHEWING. omg. I know you're wasted, but CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. Have you no manners, David Hasselhoff?

sarah said...

What a stellar clip. Well, my mind is blown. Hasselhoff is my hero.