Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'd take a wang rest over a kiss

Last night at the annual Cinema Against AIDS dinner (which I was unfortunately unable to attend, as I was at the annual Bloggers for AIDS dinner which took place across the street at KFC), George Clooney and his some of the Ocean's Thirteen crew were auctioning off a seven-day Mediterranean getaway when Sharon Stone announced: "If you bid, one of these guys will come down and touch you. And you can choose which one". Some guy won with a bid of $350,000, and George Clooney came down and kissed his girlfriend. Inappropriate, George. First, Sharon said that you would touch her, not kiss her, and for $350,000 I would like you to at least touch your wang to me. We don't have to bone, just gently rest it on my shoulder or something. If you are going to kiss me that kiss better be firmly planted on my vagina.


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