Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am feelin' the sad things...

I can't believe they let a dude win top model. Sad clown, I feel your pain. Although, I was happy to see Renee's old ass not make the top two. And we all know that the real reason Natasha didn't win is simply because she did not cry during her final chit-chat with Tyra Banks. Tyra assumed that Natasha didn't care enough about being America's Next Top Model to cry, and Natasha assumed that Tyra just kept saying "You are the beautiful one here!" over and over again because she can't understand english. I'll try to let this go, but in the mean time please post any and all links that allow me to peer into Natasha's life in the comments section. I'm dying to see what her husband looks like. I hope he looks like this:

And they kicked Lily Tomlin off Idol, too??!! Aye, this cruel world is almost too much to bear sometimes. TAKE ME NOW, LORD! If Jaslene & Blake are to be the rulers of your reality world, than this is a world I want no part of. I'm glad I brought a box of Franzia to work today. I will have it for breakfast, and gently cry myself to sleep by 11:00am. Don't call for help, I don't want it. If you cut my favorites, do I not bleed? I will try to be strong today for you, dear readers. But I can't make any promises. Natasha, anytime you need a friend, I will be here. Call me.

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nic said...

I'll say it again...

JASLENE!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

She takes awesome pics, she has a crazy good walk, is all long and lean and or not.

PS They showed a pic of Natasha with her hubby and daughter. Did you miss that?