Thursday, May 31, 2007

Heidi Klum has kids from hell

Nanny #2, pick das bagel up and give it to one of the kinders.

Heidi Klum has either given birth to three spawns of Satan, or she simply can't stand her children. How else can you explain the fact that she has enlisted her mother & three nannies to help take care of her 3 kids. Heidi can't help the fact that she's taken a rather dominant & displinarian approach to parenting, I mean...she is German, after all. Which is why she should just run with a strict German approach to raising her kids. Growing up shouldn't be "fun" and "games" - put those kids in some uniforms, paint their bedrooms black and make them sit in there for a minimum of 8 hours a day, and when they're bad chain them to the radiator. That'll learn them. I mean, that's how I was raised and look how well-adjusted I turned out to be. But not, Henry. That little angel was sent directly from the heavens. He should be put in a box, poke some air holes in it, and sent to me. You clearly can't handle the love he has to give anyway, Heidi.


jambles said...

heidi klum is just trying to raise her kinder efficiently, cause she is german. and good germans are efficient.

i, however, am not a good german. i am not efficient. schiesse.

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I've been looking information about Heidi Klum and I couldn't find anything about her. I am focus in her disciplinarian acts becuase I am doing an investigation about her background.

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Wow!! it's incredible you saying that because I don't believe those babies being three spawns of Satan, I think they're more than that, I think that woman is an Angel to bear them.