Thursday, May 10, 2007

The fatty chimes in

Since this whole "Paris Hilton goes to jail" funfest began, I've been asking myself, "Hey! What does that fat, useless piece of shit Jason Davis (Brandon "firecrotch" Davis' brother) think of all this?" Well, obviously this guy who would probably be just as fake-famous as Paris if he wasn't such a fatty doesn't think that she should go to jail. TMZ caught him outside of some club jiggling on about...well, I'm not sure exactly. You can go here to watch him ramble. But if you just ate lunch and don't want to be disgusted by looking at him, here is a bit of what he managed to squeeze out before he got winded and had to take a seat somewhere:

You know, jus-you know I'm a strong fan in justice, in justice being served, but not this justice. Because justice should not prevail on her, justice should prevail on the real criminals out there who are other celebrities who have committed way harsher crimes but are still walking the streets and it's absolutely retarded. Vote for me for president. I completely vote against her going to jail and if we can fight for it we'll absolutely do it.

Not this justice. No sir! Someone should have dangled a cookie in front of his face to make him stop talking.

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