Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cover your eyes, Whitney

This picture of Bobby Brown and his new girlfriend Alicia Etheridge almost made my she-bone explode. Everyone, this is the hotttest couple of 2K7. Gaze upon them in all of their glory as they are too wasted to figure out how to kiss each other properly or how to walk with their traps shut. My sweet dear lord, they are a beautiful couple. My new goal in life is to be the frosting in the middle of this oreo cookie. If Alicia looks familair to you, it may be because she is the star of one of the greatest videos of all time.

I've yet to see anyone stand in the water and fake play the saxaphone quite like her.



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Jackie said...

Her skin tone is as beautiful as can be, look at how even and unblochy it is, makes her look so beautiful and fresh.

Man, she is gross