Thursday, May 31, 2007

A couple of lovely ladies

Aw! Look who it is! It's my favorite French-Canadian, Celine Dion and her daughter Rene-Charles! How cute! That little girl looks just like her mommy! And look at that long, curly hair! How magnificent! How touching! It makes me want to have a baby!

Wait...what's that say up in the right hand corner?

SON????? What the fuck?!?! Sweet French-Canadian Jesus, why do people feel the need to do this to their children. Kate Hudson is pulling this shit too. I'm not saying that I won't do the same thing with my son, but my reasons will be because I want to force him to be gay, not because I'm crazy like those two. Even if you took the long, luxurious locks from little Rene-Charles, I still say that he looks like a she. Maybe (s)he's a hermie and Celine is just waiting for the dominant genitalia to kick in. If so, perhaps she should have told Hello Magazine that she was gonna hold off on the cover story until her son's balls either drop or morph into a vagina.


nic said...

At least Mini-Kate is adorable and looks like a little skater hippie kid, which is to be expected from his parents. Now Celine's "son", aside from the too long hair, is really just plain ugly!! Just like his father and mother! I hate Celine Dion!!

jambles said...

most male french canadian children look like that. not all canadian...only french canadian. seriously. i am not lying to you. once when i was six and in quebec for one of my borther's hockey tournaments i almost got stolen by this couple (who smelled like boiled cabbage, by the way) cause they mistook me for their son, jean-luc. fucking assholes. thank god my mom, who's the right kind of canadian, stepped in just in time. and my dad, who's the right kind of redneck, decked the lady square in the clang.

mindy said...

That kid should go to a school in rural Alabama for a day or two. That should shame him into asking mommy for a frickin haircut!

Anonymous said...

you are all so hilarious. Thanks so much for making me laugh at the end of a bad day (and good days too)!