Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cameron the leader of Clangons.

I know Cameron Diaz is hot to some(??). But to others, including myself, she is an annoying, fugly, second-rate actress who needs to be whacked across the face once or thrice. And lately, she's really been stinkin' it up in the fashion department. Check out her latest on TRL.

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Maybe some people like this look. But if you take a closer look, this short denim look reveals what we all know she has. A clang. And a very long one at that.

Perhaps she should avoid wearing such a short denim jumper when her vagina hangs so low. You might say, "but thats only the wall background that you see".. but no.. that is just what the Clangons want you to think so you don't suspect their plans to take over the world one disease transferred at a time!

If you don't know about the damage of the Clangons yet, let this be your warning! Don't believe how powerful and damaging to your vision the Clangons can be? Maybe this will help to convince you..

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..Pardon me as I go flush acid in my eyeballs.

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