Friday, May 25, 2007

Britney of the Carribean 3: At Trash's End

Ahoy! Ahoy, I say! Sailor Britney, what do you see in your gossip goggles?

What's that? You spy some more drama from The View? After that totally spontaneous, not staged at all fight between Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Tuesday, a writer for Rosie totally won the fight by drawing mustaches on the photographs of Hasselbeck that hang in The View studios. Hasselbeck plans to retaliate by inviting Rosie to a sleepover, then sticking her hand in warm water. She's totally gonna pee herself.

Avast ye landlubbers! Sailor Britney spies some more gossip on the poop deck!

Oh no, I'm sure this one stings a bit for Sailor Britney, as People magazine is reporting that her ex Justin Timberlake wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the ti-ime with new special lady friend, Jessica Biel. A source has said that Jessica is "the coolest chick ever" so, you know it's gonna last.

Is that all you have for us for now, Sailor Britney? Well thanks for the gossip! It's always sad to see you go, but we sure do love to watch you leave.

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Vic said...

Britney Spears need to get a grip on life. Doesn't she realize that she looks totally stupid and her poor children. What are they going to think when they are old enough to know that their mother had a nervous breakdown? Interested? Read what Christopher Ruddy has to say.

nic said...

What is she wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AJ said...

nic (above) beat me to it... What does she think she looks like???