Thursday, May 3, 2007

Brangelina get drunk

Now this is what I like to see. Brad Pitt and un-wifey Angelina Jolie celebrated my birthday yesterday by going out for a nice, romantical dinner for two. Angelina seems to be doing quite well, possibly due to the fact that she is drinking beer & wine for dinner. Now, you might say "Girl #1, you fucking dumbass, I'm sure the beer is for Brad, while Angelina is content sipping her glass of Merlot". Well assholes, it looks to me like both of those dranks are sitting quite close to Angie, leading me to believe that they are both for her. Why do you think The Jesus gave us two hands? So we could have two drinks at all times, obviously. So there. Brad is blocking the view of his booze with his body, but I'm sure he's got 3 drinks on the table - he can hold the third with his wang.

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mindy said...

"The Jesus" - hahahhaa