Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ashton is a surrogate mother

Ashton Kutcher never really did it for me. I mean maybe he does it for you, Demi Moore, since you seem to like the douchey, trucker hat wearing, yell-talking, not looking at the camera while being filmed in black & white, annoying, unintelligent kind of guy. But even I have sympathy for Ashton now that it appears that a small woodland creature has emerged from the dark forest and made a nest on his neck.

I'm guessing that the creature that is feeding off Ashton's neck sweat is most likely the early form of a Lil' Stinker Baby Skunk.

Since Demi is too old to have any babies of her own, we can logically assume that Ashton has been forced to grow a baby on his neck. How else would you explain Demi's loving caress of this otherwise disgusting mess?

Even Donna Karan is repulsed by the motherly neck rub down she's giving her new baby. I hope your Lil' Stinker turns out ok. Right now it's not looking too good.


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Anonymous said...

What is this ridiculousness about?