Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Amy Winehouse is jacked in the face

Amy Winehouse is more jacked than I originally suspected. Not only is she disgustingly thin & lacks the steady hand required to apply eyeliner without looking like an asshole, but now she's missing teeth? I really hope her singing career goes well, otherwise the next place we will see Ms. Winehouse is on a future episode of Hookers at the Point. Even Jewel's grill isn't this jacked. Looking at this picture and thinking about Jewel reminded me of one of the greatest songs ever written. Have you ever heard the title track from Jewel's 1995 album Pieces of You? Oh man, it is on my top 5 most ridiculous songs ever list. She never made a video for this (and you'll see why) so I was forced to pick a "tribute" video from youtube. Like all music from Jewel, this is a little NSFW - so turn your speakers down & fast forward to 2:20 in to hear the last 2 (and greatest) verses.


Anonymous said...

that was amazing!


Jellybean Sunshine said...

oh god, i thought that first girl was me! i'm an ugly girl!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about that song because OBVIOUSLY I had that cd. It is quite ridiculous listening to her sing "ffaaaaggoooootttt". Jewel, what a clang-haver.