Monday, April 16, 2007

Where is her mind?

Go here to watch crazy Britney

Yeeeeeaaah....About this, that post that I said that rehab had done good things for Britney and that she was trying to be a regular again...not so much. Take a look at Britney's HI-LAR-IOUS video in which she attempts to take a sarcastic stab at the media for portraying her like an asshole. Unfortunately for Britney, she doesn't understand that videos like this, stunts she pulls like shaving her head, the entire Chaotic show, basically anything this ho does is in the public eye. So telling us that you weren't drunk all the time, or that you aren't crazy doesn't really work, bitch! We've seen it. All of it. Too much of it. And now, we're seeing it again. But we love crazy Britney. We always have, and we always will. So stop denying your true insane self. Seeing you all crazy-like just dills our pickle, Britney. Keep up the good work.


Anne said...

She is such a fucking RETARD!

al said...

That video just makes me feel sad. She's so screwed up, what a mess, what an idiot, how retarded.

Anonymous said...

I hope she kills herself.

- Andrea

Anonymous said...

why can't she just be with her children?

crazy fucktard