Thursday, April 5, 2007

What can Brown do for you?

If you missed last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, you missed Jael getting pushed into a pool, Nicole Richie stirring the drama, and Tyra being a racist. The girls had to make up nicknames for themselves, and my favorite to win Dionne chose "Wholahay" as her name. A questionable choice perhaps, but whatever - the whole concept was pretty stupid to begin with, so why not make up a ridiculous name? Well, Tyra didn't like that name so much, so she changed it to Brown. Brown? WTF? Why not just go with Blackie or Darkie? Tyra, I wish you weren't such a racist. Some other favorite moments from the worst photoshoot ever (how can you go from something as great as dressing like dudes to this?) are as follows:

Since when is twirling your rat-tail sexy? Oh I forgot, ALWAYS.

I'm glad Jaslene has decided to finally come out. We all knew, bitch!

Do you see sorrow? I see an Advil ad.

For the entire photoshoot, go here. Now I have to get back to mentally willing my rat-tail to grow faster.


jambles said...

i was kind of hoping tyra would just straight up go with "chocolate face."

i am so freaking happy sarah is gone. she annoyed the shit out of me. and can someone please tell me why they had to show those g.d. "sister sister" twins. i hate those bitches. i almost put my foot through the tv and i did throw up a little.

Anonymous said...

how about renee lookin like sienna miller?

nic said...

I'm well aware of girl#1's beleif in Jaslene's tranny lifestyle and I too thought it was wonderful that she came clean on that front, BUT I will also say that that girl is sweet!!! One of my favorites at this point! Jael is just too "cool" and annoying and Renee although beautiful is the least original and a bitch...I guess each season needs a Melrose! (who I was disgusted to see!)