Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wanna watch someone talk on the phone?

So, you may or may not have heard of this dumb 20 year old kid who posted a video of himself on youtube, giving out his phone number and asking people to call him to, you know, talk about, you know, stuff...or whatever. I guess people are calling him. Riveting, I know. But what's even more compelling is the fact that the Today show booked this douche to talk about how people are calling him on this morning's broadcast. Click here, and then watch the video. After about 1:30 you'll see Meredith Vierra encouraging this kid to answer his phone, to "make the magic happen" if you will. Watching this kid answer & talk on his phone is some of the most groundbreaking television I've ever seen. Yep! This kid truly is a friend for life. He's not going to let something like a pesky morning show interview stop him from talking to you, some stranger, about, you know...stuff. God, I love the Today show. And I also love the lonely youths of America.

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