Monday, April 30, 2007

Touching Tongues

Remember when Lily Allen was kicking at the paparazzi like an asshole and her boyfriend shot her a well deserved judgemental look? No? Remind yourself. Back? Great! Lily Allen has learned how to keep her boyfriend's (I think that's the same guy. I really can't be sure. All you roundish dudes with your scruffy beards look the same to me) judgemental looks at bay, and that is by jamming her tongue down his throat! See how his facial expression and general demeanor has changed:

She has brought joy to the joyless! I'm sure this guy was perfectly content being angry at everything, but Lily had to go fuck that all up by massaging the happy zones in his brain with her tongue. Thanks to Lily Allen, all you jaded men will experience joy again, so you better crank your cynical attitudes into overdrive. This little Brit is about to lick you into submission.


1 comment:

sarah said...

It appears that Lily Allen is mauling a sasquatch. Yikes.

Ah, I guess he's cute for a sasquatch.