Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is a promise

Dear Celebrities,

Keep giving me nothing to write about and I will continue to post pictures of Stephen Tyler in a speedo. No one wants that. Not even you, famous celebrities. So get to doing something dramatic and scandalous. I have a picture of the head of his penis poking out of the speedo and I'm not afraid to use it. You have been warned.

Love always,

Girl #1

Celebrities are lame these days, no? Are you feeling that way too? Or am I just a fool?


Anonymous said...

I hear Steven has a large member. He may be old, but I would still do him. You know he has to be good. Lots of practice makes you a professional sexer.

- Andrea

nic said...

OMG that video is effing sweet ass!!! I've never seen that and, girl #1, you know of my Journey LOVE! So many things to say..the white-fros and talk about high waist pants!!! Surely Steve Ps "treble and two bass" must be smooshed! He always rocked those pants though, always! Thanks for the great "singing inappropriately in my cube" moment. I'm feelin' that way...

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Hhahaha that is one hell of a funny picture of Steven.