Tuesday, April 3, 2007

They Shor Is Purdy!

Hmmmm...Is that Melissa Joan Hart? The one on the right? If I was a dude or a lesbian, I'm pretty sure I would have a bone/she-bone right now, as Hayley Duff and (what could possibly be) Melissa Joan Hart (I'm not sure) surely possess a beauty gene that is usually reserved for goddesses, princesses & ponies.



Anonymous said...

Isn't that the 7th Heaven chick?


mindy said...

yeah, i think her name is beverly mitchel?

Anne said...

Yeah that's the pig-snouted one from Seventh Heaven.

Girl #1 said...

the one on the right? i mistakenly paused on 7th heaven once recently and saw hayley, is she a regular on that show? I'm leaving this as possibly melissa joan hart because i like that story better than 2 ho's from 7th heaven.