Monday, April 23, 2007

That gun is actually a pez dispenser

Some dude from Laguna Beach (I guess his name is Jason Wahler. I don't really know because I don't watch that garbage. I prefer my reality tv to at least pretend that it is real.) and some douchebag white rapper friend are so FUCKING CRAZY. Dudes, y'all don't even know how insane in the membrane these twats are. US Weekly has the shocking scoop of how these two get down:

“Everyone was just playing around and they decided to play Russian Roulette. There was one bullet in the gun and Jason and Jay both pointed the gun at their heads and pulled the trigger.“

If I was just playing some trivial pursuit and some goateed douches came in waving guns around, I'd take my cassette tape game piece (you know I can only play the pop culture edition) and flick it at them, which would cause them both to start crying and run away. What I'm trying to say is: There is NO WAY these rich, fat babies actually played Russian Roulette. This Jason dude found out that the sex tape that he and fellow Laguna Beach "star" Lauren Conrad made blows ass (and not in the way people pay money to see), so he thought this would redeem his honor a bit. That gun is filled with chocolate sprinkles, and that vodka bottle is filled with water. That is the only way I can justify the gun not going off if he was, in fact, playing Russian Roulette. Nice try, Jason guy, I will now return to ignoring everything you do.

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sarah said...

That is just crazy. No, no, really. That is crazy.