Friday, April 6, 2007

Teaching the Dunce

How could one be so puzzled, so perplexed about a basket? It's easy to get confused about things when you are Kirsten Dunst. It's with delicate creatures like this that you have to be extra careful. One false move and you could rock their crazy little world so hard that it would crumble like a delicious cookie. Mmmm...cookie. No! Don't get distracted! This is bigger than us & more important than a cookie. We must quietly and gently explain to Kirsten that the oval thingy with a strap on it isn't a hat or a device used to shield the money shots from your face (although, I have used baskets for both of those things, and they really do work wonders. Unfortunately, Kirsten isn't ready for lessons that deep just yet). Okay. Are you ready? We're about to rock her gently and rock her slowly.

Pssst. Hey Kirsten! I just wanted to let you know that the thing that you are holding is simply a basket. You can put Easter Eggs n' shit in there.

Oh NO! We've rocked her world. WE'VE ROCKED HER WORLD!!!!! Run away before she self destructs!!!


Captain Smack said...

Well done. I barely even know who this chick is, yet I am filled with ridicule (Is that correct English? Can one be "filled with ridicule"?) for her.

Jellybean Sunshine said...

how is it possible to live in california and be that white?

Lucien said...

elle semble chercher quelque chose de collant au fond du panier