Monday, April 16, 2007

Some things to make you feel better

Look! It's Kimberly from Melrose Place Marcia Cross' twin babies! Even though the above picture looks like it was taken at the Sears Photo Studio, look at them babies!!!

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I want to smash their little heads together. See more pictures of the little babies here.

Look! It's repulsive Paris Hilton! I can't wait until this piece of trash gets old. She is going to be so sick. Because when you spend days in a tanning bed perfecting that hideous orange glow, you end up looking like this by the time you are 30:

The only difference is, that old lady rules whereas Paris Hilton blows. And will probably continue to blow anything that moves until her old wrinkly jaw falls off.

Look! It's Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Rumours are flying today that these two have called it quits. This is because Ryan told a reporter at the premiere of "Fracture" that they broke up. This may make you happy or sad, depending on whether you believe that these two are actually the couple from The Notebook, or whether you have a secret shrine dedicated to Ryan Gosling in your basement and you've been praying to your special edition dvd of The Notebook that their relationship will end so he can be yours. So "Hooray!" or "So Sorry" depending on which type of crazy you are.


Anonymous said...

Although Ryan makes my loins quiver, I want him and Rachel to marry. Jaime recently informed me that this was in the rumour mill. Apparently they are hot and cold these days. Either way, I love Ryan and I would like to stroke his wang someday.

- Andrea

Anonymous said...

i refuse to believe this!!! they must stay together or love is really dead!