Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Sign of True Love

Don't trust your boyfriend because you feel guilty about leaving your husband for him? Do what the Swank does: force him to wear a shirt with your face & body on it. Nothing says "Back the fuck off, ladies - this one is spoken for" than dressing him in a shirt that has your naked body sprawled on the front. The back of this shirt says "Save your Ass" (not a joke - it's a melanoma fundraising t-shirt, designed by Marc Jacobs), but I think the message here is that you can save your ass by not hitting on Hilary Swank's agent boyfriend. Whatever, Hilary Swank, I'm not scared of you or your clang. Just because you played a boxer in the movies doesn't mean that you are tough. However, because you played a lady/dude in the movies does mean that you actually are a lady/dude. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

1 comment:

ray said...

holy crap i can see this dudes junk!