Tuesday, April 10, 2007

She-Boning the Sharpton

Damn, Sharpton - Have you been working out? If you aren't looking ever so thin & popular these days! I'm not sure if it's conviction you possess while calling for Don Imus' job, or if it's just your striking good looks, but I'd let you take me to the Mosque any day. Guh'Damn! I was:

Partially about Don Imus' racist comments, but mostly because there has been a severe lack of celebrity gossip around these parts the last couple weeks, and that tends to make me a bit enraged, but then the good old Revvy appears on the Today show lookin' all sexy and I know that everything's going to be A-OK. Thanks Sharpie, I owe you one. And by "one" I mean a blow job. Look me up.

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ray said...

sharpies gone the way of star jones. or perhaps sharpie IS star jones. think about it.