Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reason #2484 Not to Have a Baby

I know she is pregnant and all, but Naomi Watts, normally a decently attractive human being looks damn hit up.

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We've seen Naomi play ugly in I Heart Huckabees (which, she still wasn't really ugly), but who'd a thought a little sperm of Liev's would turn her into this mess.

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What makes Naomi think its okay to ever wear a see-through white shirt/dress with no bra on during any occasion, much less when she is major preggo. I'm sure a bra isn't the most comfortable thing to wear when your boobs are swollen, but maybe Naomi should have thought about that before she let the kosher hotdog all up in her vag.
And, maybe its just me, but does Gwneth Paltrow not look like a giant?? She also had a baby once or twice too.

So anyway, I really hope this whole "having babies" phase thing goes away soon because that just like this just aint right. This on the other hand makes.. well all I can really say is MMMM. Take notes Naomi.


Anonymous said...

I hope that when I get pregnant you are still living blocks from me because I am going to come over to your house with my prego belly bursting out of my white bikini bottoms and a teeny white see through triangle top to cover my engorged funbags. It is going to be off the chain. But really, she needed to be wearing black and have a supportive bra on because she looks a-sick! Also, I concur, Gwen looks like a monster.

- Andrea

Anonymous said...

i HATE gwyneth.

Jellybean Sunshine said...

ew, yellow hair!