Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh, how the mighty have fallen

The once universally feared (by white rappers, anyway) Suge Knight was caught by TMZ outside of a club last night berating a K-Fed look-a-like. Yeah, you heard me. He was talking shit to someone that looked like K-Fed. Suge then took this sad turn full circle by declaring, "Britney is my homegirl". Suge, I hope you were really, unbelievably high and can use that as an excuse for this sort of behavior, otherwise you have officially killed any fear-inducing power you once had. No one will ever be scared of a guy who willingly admits that he likes Britney Spears. Maybe Suge is just trying to get Britney to resurrect the defunct & bankrupt Death Row Records. Just know, Britney, that you'll probably have to let Suge bone you first. So the only question remains is: How do you want it, Britney?

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Anonymous said...

God damn that song is so good. I can't think of anything better than Tu-pac and KC from Jodeci on one track. That song was pretty much my jam for 4 years straight. I think I will listen to it now on the old Ipod.