Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lyrics to Justin and Madonna's new song.

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All my people in the crowd
Grab a partner take it down!

[J:] It's me against the vag
[M:] Uh uh
[J:] It's just me
[M:] And me
[J:] Yeah
[M:] C'mon
[M:] Hey Justin?
[J:] Are you ready?
[M:] Uh uh, are you?

[J&M:] No one cares
[J:] It's whippin'my balls, it's pullin' my cock
[J&M:] To hell with stares
[J:] The sweat is drippin' all over my taint
[J&M:] No one's there
[J:] I'm the only one dancin' up in this place
[J&M:] Tonight I'm here
[J:] Feel the beat of the drum, gotta keep it that bass
[J:] I'm up against the speaker, tryin' to take on the music
[J:] It's like a competition, me against the beat
[J:] I wanna get u on my bone, I wanna get u on my bone
[J:] If you really wanna battle, saddle up and get your rhythm
[J:] Tryin' to hit it, you could die
[J:] In a minute I'm a take a you on, I'm a take a you on
Hey, hey, hey

Are ya'll ready for the anthem of the for the fall? Madonna, Justin, and Timbaland are in London making this sure fire hit. Let's just hope Justin's career won't go the way of Britneys.

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