Monday, April 2, 2007

Literal interpretation at its finest

Nelly Furtado is a fan of literal interpretation. Even if Nelly was "Like a Bird" almost 6 years ago, that still doesn't stop her from dangling from the ceiling, covered in feathers, while singing her (should've been) one hit wonder at the Juno awards, which I guess are the equivalent to the Grammy's only Canadian and thus far superior to our US version. Hopefully next time Nelly Furtado performs, she'll literally interpret her hit jam "Promiscuous" by getting gang banged on stage. That's how I've literally interpreted that song many times in the privacy of my own front yard. Top that, NELLY!

If your are wondering who else won at the Juno awards (and I know that you are), you can go here.


UJeans said...

Nelly was a fabulous hostess with he mostest (also winning in all five of her categories. It looked like she had a *great* time at the Universal party at Earl's

You are doing a wonderful job representing Canada on the world stage! Keep up the good work and enjoy your UJeans in the Swag Bag.


Anonymous said...

Do me a favor, Nelly: Fly away as fast as you can! Thank you already.

- Arnencé