Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is sober!

This is what clean & sober looks like, people. Lindsay Lohan soberly pops dat ass at DJ AM's birthday party at club LAX Sunday night. I have two questions for y'all. First, what jam do you think Lindsay was dancing to? My guess is maybe this:

But probably this:

While you are figuring that one out, here is my second question. Why does this guy:

Have the best haircut I've ever seen WHILE simultaneously voicing the concern of the world with a single frown? I'm sure all of us frowned a little upon seeing crazy Lohan dancing on the table again, but this guy says it all by saying nothing at all. We're sad too, sassy blonde bowl-cut guy. We're sad too.

Too see more pictures of Lohan at the birthday, go here.


nic said...

Another interesting thing that I immediately notice about this guy was his half jacket. That's quite a daring choice, no?!?

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Lohan is not just an asshole, she's a FUCKING ASSHOLE.

cass said...

i KNOW that guy. how weird is that.