Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is this really necessary?

Congratulations Debra Messing! You are doing something so ridiculous you get to be on the blog today! Honey, when you are shopping for jewelry on the street, is it really necessary for you to check yourself out with the dollar store hand mirror the peddlers provide for you? That necklace probably costs about $2, and if you haven't blown all your Will & Grace moneys on coke yet, chances are pretty good that you can afford it and don't really need to see if it looks good on you. Just buy it, ho! I, on the other hand, am allowed to not only use the mirror, but also to run away with the mirror & the necklace because I am poor. You are rich and should use the brains that you've purchaced to know better. Haven't you learned anything from being on that dumbass show? The stereotypical gay man certainly would not approve of this behavior.


David said...

First of all, leave Debra Messing alone. For a largely unattractive woman with no real talent, a grating personality, and very small breasts, she's overcome her handicap(s) with true aplomb, and deserves every bit of conceit that she can muster as she trolls around what I can only assume to be Canal Street.

Secondly, being poor doesn't mean you can steal dollar store mirrors. Only being a middle class, heterosexual, white male does. Sorry. I don't make the rules. I just make 20% more per year at the same job because of them.

David said...

Oh, and I forgot: Holla!

Anonymous said...

Debra Messing's breasts, while they are very petite, are totally cute. I bet they are perky and firm. Debbie, come breastfeed me.

- Andrea