Thursday, April 19, 2007

Half a World Away (from Sanity)

And while Heidi Klum is at Target (just fucking like us, muthafuckas!!!), Mischa Barton has enlisted what looks like Michael Stipe to carry her not one, not two, but THREE purses, and some off camera slave to walk her dog. But, I understand Mischa. While this may not be the most practical or rational way to shop, or walk, or whatever she is doing, it's gotta be hard to walk around looking like you were styled by Hollywood Montrose from Mannequin. That latex miniskirt must certainly restrict her leg movement, which doesn't really explain why she can't carry her own shit, but these pesky "questions" shouldn't be posed to such a fabulous A-List Keds spokesperson.

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Anonymous said...

She is also the Dooney & Bourke spokes girl. I kinda like her little outfit she is sporting here. I dig it. When she is done with it, maybe I can find a seamstress to make it eight times the size so I can wear it. You have to give her some credit, she is carrying her own purse. Sometimes that is a lot of work.