Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fug leading the Fug

Well here's something you don't see everyday. What do you suppose Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow are doing here with their eyes closed? Praying that no one will see them with each other? Blissfully envisioning their impending night of passion? Taking a moment to pretend that they really are the white trash mother & daughter that they are conveying so well? I hope these two hang out all the time, and I hope Gwyneth lets Courtney Love babysit. They could play fun games like "Hide-N-Go find the quaaludes" or my personal favorite "Duck, Duck...wait your name is really Apple?" which abruptly turns from a fun game to 3 hours of berating the tots once Courtney's buzz wears off. Way to pick great friends, Gwyneth! But if I were you, I'd need a reliable dealer to keep me constantly high in order to deal with the fact that my husband is that douche from Coldplay. And you know that Courtney is always good to go on that front.


David said...

I swear to fucking God that Gwenyth used to be cute. Am i wrong? Was I that high through the 90's?

Jellybean Sunshine said...

Girl #1, you are so funny, I want to bang you.