Thursday, April 19, 2007

Favorite things I found today

When celebrities get me down with their constant doing nothing, I tend to wander about in other places on the internets, and sometimes I find fun things. Here are some of the joys I found today:

Holy Crap this video is long! 24 freakin minutes over here! I have to admit, I've only watched a bit (half) of it, but this guy venting & swearing while trying to beat a custom level of Super Mario is hilarious:


I am going to start carrying phone books around with me, so if anyone tries to EFF with me, I'll just tear that shit in half & throw it in their face. I just hope they haven't seen this video:

Doesn't the still image of this video look kinda like a fat vagina? I promise that it's not.


And finally, I kinda hate myself for not hating this song from Jason Schwartzman's new band Coconut Records, but the song is catchy and he somehow made skateboarding look cool again. I'm sure the next song will blow ass and I'll feel comfortable unwarrantedly hating his mole-y face again.


1 comment:

nic said...

I liked it. The singer sounds like the dude from the band, Phoenix, whom I love.