Monday, April 2, 2007

An entirely new level of hotness

Whoa. Dang. Courtney Love is EFFED. She's got a G.D. parrot on her shoulder! Her vag area has a V printed on it, just to alleviate any confusion as to whether or not there is actually a vagina under all that mess (I still don't believe there is). Her teeth are clenched like she's taken one too many pills and her jaw just refuses to relax anymore. And just a couple days ago - People were saying she looked good! I really hope this is the new standard for beauty, because I'm pretty sure all of us will immediately become insanely gorgeous models if this is the "Rockin' Bod" the stars are striving to attain. And this look is so much easier to get than all that working out bullshit the other celebrities are trying to pull. Who needs to go to the gym when all I need for a great body by tabloid standards is a bottle of whiskey chased with a bottle of vicodin. I'm starting the Courtney Love diet today. Well, to be honest, I've been on it for a few years now. And let me tell you, I don't know where I am or what my real name is, my buns - they don't feel nothin like steel, and I think that my liver is fighting its way out of my body from the inside...but damn, do I look fucking HOT.


Jackie said...

I have always had some tummy issues, most people say its fine, but I would like a flatter tummy.

But now, looking at hers, I like mine a whole lot more.

ray said...

im pretty sure that she has started a new life as a pirate.

Anonymous said...

Courtney needs a one piece and she would look fine. I think she forgot that she is 70 and has a stretched marked stomach. Grow Up Courtney!

- Andrea

Anonymous said...

I think her face does look better. Lips disappeared! Bravo, Courtney!

- Arnencé