Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Elizabeth Hurley's child is truly terrifying

Since starting this blog, the only nightmares I have involve Elizabeth Hurley's always frightening child, Damian. He is like a demonic man in a child's body. Kind of like Chucky only Charles Lee Ray has used his voodoo magic to place himself into Liz Hurley's kid instead of a Good Guy Doll. Sometimes I just see his face in my dreams. Staring at me. Other times he is chasing me with a lollipop, only the lollipop is made out of razor blades. Either way, I would not like to meet this child in a dark alley. I also would like to say that he is a beautiful, smart and charming human being and I wish him nothing but the best in life. Please don't kill me, Damian.


Anonymous said...

girl #1-- you are too funny :)

thanks for the always entertaining posts...

...i hope damian isn't watching me over my shoulder!

ray said...

damian is like santa claus - he know when youre sleeping, he knows when youre awake...... hes always watching, keeping track your every move.
that troll child is frightening.

Anonymous said...

- Arnencé

Anonymous said...

First of all, who names their kid Damian and secondly, what are the chances the kid would be satan's spawn. That's ca-razy! I would probably hang with the spawn just so I could possibly touch Elizabeth's boobs. They always look so soft and inviting.

- Andrea

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