Friday, April 20, 2007

Do not insult Alec Baldwin

...Especially if you are his daughter Ireland. TMZ obtained a voicemail that Baldwin left to his daughter Ireland. Let's just say he was less than pleased with her when he left this message. In the message he calls his daughter among other things a "filthy little pig" for not answering the phone when he called and threatened to "straighten her out", which in my personal experience means that she is about to get beat. Maybe she was in the bathroom when you called Alec, Jesus. Do you really need your daughter to answer the phone while she's squeezing out a deuce? This really makes me sad, because I have been on Team Baldwin for this entire Baldwin vs. Basinger custody battle to the death, even more so since 30 Rock started and renewed my love for this angry, angry man. It is always sad when celebrities are doing so well and then just blow it all by doing something stupid. Alec Baldwin, please cool it now.


Anne said...

I'm so disappointed. I really want to LIKE him!

nic said...

What a dick!... What a talented, hilarious, handsome, clever, complete dick! I agree with girl #1, in that, I've always picked his side for some reason. Then 30 Rock comes along and he cracks me up like crazy every week. I don't want him to call his daughter a filthy pig! He's my Jack Donaghy. I guess we can chalk it up to his wonderful acting skills. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I loves me some Alex Baldwin, and I gotta side with him on this one. My SO and I listened to this last night and were cracking up. Why? Cause Ireland gonna get a beat-down. If your dad tells you he expects you to be somewhere at a certain time, you do it, dammit. Especially if your daddy is Alec Baldwin.

Divorced parents can be bat-shit crazy, and I don't think it's beneath Kim Bassinger to use her daughter to piss off her ex.

I'd pay good money to have him call me up and talk to me like that. She's a lucky little girl.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the new edition video.