Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Cheerleader from Heroes is a Lesbian

Nice Try, NBC - but I already planned on watching Heroes when it returns on April 23. Leaking pictures of your precious Hayden Panettiere licking her friends ta-tas is a smart move though, as I'm sure the lesbots & horny frat dudes will now be interested in the show. It clearly looks like the friend is enjoying this more than Hayden, but I'm sure Hayden liked it too, she just needed a little more time. That's how the lesbians get ya. "Just have a little suckle, Hayden. It never hurt nobody!", then before you know it you're tied to a bed and...oh wait, that's never happened to you? Moral of the story is: Never trust a lesbian. But if this lesbian cheerleader has got you all fired up for the new episodes of Heroes, you can go here and watch the first 2 minutes of the first new episode! Just remember, A lesbian didn't give you that - Girl #1 did.


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